Sel-E Vitamin E-100 mg Sodium Selenite-0.5 mg.


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Sel-E Nano- Each ml contains Vitamin E- 100 mg, Sodium
Selenite-0.5 mg.
Sel-E Bolus- Each Bolus contains Vitamin E 800 mg, Sodium
Selenite 4 mg
For the prevention or treatment of Vitamin-E or Selenium
deficiency like Muscular dystrophy / White Muscle disease,
Encephalomalacia, Crazy Chick disease, Exudative diathesis etc &
such as supportive therapy for poor immunity, muscle stiffness,
weakness, lameness, infertility, retained placenta & mastitis.
Increases the fertility of cattle & poultry & acts as an antioxidant.
Increases body weight, milk & egg production.
Dosage & Administration:
Sel-E Nano:
Poultry : 1-2 ml in 10 L drinking water for 5-10 days.
Cattle : 1-2 ml in 10 kg body weight for 5-10 days.
Sel-E Bolus:
Cattle: 1-2 bolus per day per cattle for 5-10 days.
Poultry: For Prevention: 1 bolus with 32 L drinking water for 5-10
For Treatment: 1 bolus with 16 L drinking water for 5 days.
Or as advised by the registered veterinarian.
Withdrawal period: Zero “0” day.
Store at below 30oC in a dry place, protected from light. Keep out
of reach of children.
Sel-E Nano: 100ml, 500ml, 1L Bottle
Sel-E Bolus: Each box contains 5 X 4’s boli in blister strip.
Only for the use of animals

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Sel-E Vitamin E-100 mg Sodium Selenite-0.5 mg.