Seller Behavior Policy

KJH Bazar is devoted to making a trusted platform, connecting sellers to buyers, that promises a tremendous online experience. KJH Bazar doesn’t allow any sellers (or buyers) to deliberately create any sort of an unhappy transaction, in any manner, for every party.

We strongly encourage all sellers (and buyers) to speak with one another by our Communication Guidelines. Any breach of KJH Bazar’s Seller Behaviour Policy could end in the issuance of Non-Compliance points. Please ask the chart below.

Seller Behavior Policy: Sorts of Customer Harassment

Possible Consequences

Customer Harassment – Causing Bodily Harm

Up to 48 points – Immediate Deactivation

Customer Harassment – Issuing Threats to Buyers

Up to 48 points – Immediate Deactivation

Unsolicited Communication (SPAM)

Up to 2 points

Sharing contact details

Up to 4 points

Use of Profanity

Up to 48 Points – Immediate Deactivation

If you receive 48 noncompliance points your store are going to be deactivated.


  1. Causing Bodily Harm

This is defined by a verified case of a seller within the course of committing assault, causing bodily harm/physical hurt to any KJH Bazar buyer or KJH Bazar employee, within or out of the course of a sales transaction. it’s important to notice that this is often also a statutory offence where a seller may potentially face prosecution.

A seller, who is found guilty of causing bodily harm to a buyer or KJH Bazar employee, are going to be issued up to 48 Non-Compliance points.

On the opposite hand, KJH Bazar also cares about the security and well-being of our sellers. During a transaction, if you’re physically hurt by your KJH Bazar buyer or our employees, you’re strongly advised to report it to the local law authorities.  

  1. Issuing Threats to Buyers or KJH Bazar’s employees

    KJH Bazar doesn’t tolerate threats of any kind, using any method including phone calls, text messages, emails or on our public communication spaces (example: reviews & etc).

Under such circumstances, when a seller has been proven to possess issued threats to a buyer, the vendor are going to be issued up to 48 Non-Compliance points.

On the opposite hand, KJH Bazar also cares about the security and well-being of our sellers. If you receive a threat from a buyer, you’re strongly advised to report it to the local law authorities. you ought to also consider informing your telecommunication service provider if the threat was made by telephone.

  1. Unsolicited Communication

We don’t allow our sellers to send spam to our buyers. Spam may be a message or a part of a message that’s both unsolicited and commercial in nature. Unsolicited means the recipient didn’t request for the message. Commercial in nature means the message discusses, buying, selling or trading of products and services.

Some examples:

  1. Unsolicited email or SMS offers sent to potential buyers
  2. Messages sent to a buyer on a list without that buyer’s prior permission
  3. Invitations to hitch a list that may not associated with your store on KJH Bazar
  4. Offer to shop for products out of KJH Bazar Platform
  5. Using KJH Bazar to send unsolicited messages about commercial offers to buyers

Any breach of KJH Bazar’s Seller Behaviour Policy may end in the issuance of up to 48 Non-Compliance points. 

  1. Sharing Contact Details
    We don’t allow any attempt by sellers to require the sale offline by sharing email/phone number/personal website to customers. Seller are going to be issued 4 non-compliance points whenever he attempts to require the sale offline.

Example: A buyer adds a red T-shirt size M to cart. the vendor realized that the item is out of stock. Seller initiates a conversation with the customer to tell them that the item is out of stock and offers the customer the choice to shop for an equivalent item from his shop (on another platform).

  1. Profanity and Hate Speech
    In our continuous effort to form KJH Bazar a trusted platform with the wonderful shopping experience, we don’t allow our sellers (or buyers) to use profanities, hate speech or misbehavior in their communication on the KJH Bazar platform.

Any breach of KJH Bazar’s Seller Behaviour Policy may end in the issuance of up to 48 Non-Compliance points.

On the opposite hand, KJH Bazar is additionally dedicated to making a cushty selling environment for our sellers. If a buyer uses profanities or hates speech in their communication with you, or a review or rating comment, please reach us.

Customer Protection Policy

The satisfaction of the shoppers

  1. Happy customers will tell their friends & family and are available back to buy your products again and again.
  2. Making your customers happy is easy: concentrate on offering quality products and processing your orders within 24 hours.

KJH Bazar protects your reputation

  1. Sellers who take pride within the satisfaction of their customers; will get more visibility, control, and sales.
  2. Sellers who operate with less concern for the happiness of their customers will get less visibility, control, and sales. How will KJH Bazar improve customer satisfaction while protecting its good sellers?

How will KJH Bazar improve customer satisfaction while protecting its good sellers?



You can track your performance and rating within the Seller Center Dashboard


Sellers who consistently cancel orders and don’t process orders on time are going to be restricted on daily order quantity until they improve operations.


Sellers who perform consistent with standards will receive better positioning on the catalog and search pages and can have more control over their shop.

 How are you able to sell more and grow on KJH Bazar?

Providing an honest customer experience is a crucial part of being a seller on KJH Bazar. Sales and conversions are directly suffering from the standard of the products and services we will deliver. Sellers that ensure good performance are going to graduate and can haven’t any order limits.

  1. All new Sellers must undergo an Incubation Module and can start operating as an Undergraduate.
  2. Once the vendor has achieved the quality Operational Score for two consecutive weeks on a minimum of 15 orders per week, they graduate and can enjoy unlimited orders.
  3. All sellers should strive to take care of a positive seller rating which is defined as having an overall rating of 70% and above. the upper the positive rating for a specific seller, the higher product visibility.

Delisting and Downgrading Criteria

  1. If a seller with a vast order limit falls below the downgrade criteria in any week, the vendor is going to be downgraded to the probation level and can be subjected to a pending order limit also as a daily order limit of fifty.
  2. If a seller on a Probation level maintains bad performance and breaches the standards during a given week, the vendor will then be downgraded to a limited level and can be subjected to a pending order limit of 5 and a daily order limit of fifty .
  3. If a Seller in any given week breaches any delisting threshold then they are going to be immediately delisted.
  4. On hitting the delisting criteria at any point, the daily order limit is going to be reduced to 0. A quiz will subsequently be emailed to the vendor on their Seller Center registered email. Upon completion, the vendor will in due course be relisted on the platform.

The table below illustrates how the demotion journey will appear as if for a seller with deteriorating performance:




Pending Order Limit

Daily Order Limit

1st Scorecard





2nd Scorecard

Downgrade Criteria Hit




3rd Scorecard

Performance Not Improved




4th Scorecard

Delist Criteria Hit




Standard Ops Score, Downgrading & Delisting Criteria


What this means

Standard Ops Score

Downgrading Criteria

Delisting Criteria

Order Processing Time

Time from the order being placed to it being shipped

2 days

> 4 <=6 days

> 6 days

Out-of-Stock Rate

% orders cancelled by the seller


> 4% <=6%


Product Returns due to Product Quality

% returned products due to seller at fault (incorrect item, incomplete item, defective item, damaged item due to poor packaging)


> 4% <=6%


Financial Penalties 
Fraudulent behavior and gross negligence have a huge impact on customer experience which negatively affects eSales of our valued seller base. to guard the vendor base at large and curb delinquent behavior, we’ll be levying financial penalties for the subsequent unwanted instances:

  • Confirming the RTS status on an order but not fulfilling an equivalent resulting in order cancellation

Paid Price Bucket (BDT)

Penalty Charged To Seller (BDT)


BDT 30


BDT 50


BDT 100


BDT 150


BDT 200


BDT 400


BDT 800

  • Sending a “wrong” item or a “counterfeit” or a “Refurbished” item as against what was advertised by the vendor .


Penalty Charged to Seller

Quality returns under “Wrong Item” and “Counterfeit Item” or a “Refurbished”

BDT 300 per instance

*Maximum amount deducted won’t exceed 10% of the entire payout for the cycle

We assure you of our dedication to growing your business and appearance forward to your support in these initiatives as we continue our journey towards growth and excellence.